MCT's: A Brief Overview & Benefits

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A Brief Overview & Benefits: 

A delicious part of a keto-friendly diet!

Medium Chain Triglycerides, otherwise known as MCT’s, have staked their claim in the wellness industry and they’re here to stay. Naturally, they can be found in coconuts, palm kernel oil and dairy fat, but can be produced synthetically as well. As a saturated fat, they make up roughly 92% of fat found in coconut milk. But don’t let the ‘F’ word scare you. This unique form of fat is actually quite beneficial, as MCT’s go straight from the digestive tract to the liver, where they are used for energy or ketone production. Since our bodies burn MCT’s quicker than other fats, they’re immediately used as energy for organs and muscles, and less likely to be stored as fat. Yep, that means you are filling up while fueling up, and enticing your body to metabolize at a quicker pace, preventing the fat from taking up any additional real estate on your body.

As research has shown, MCT’s can also cross the blood brain barrier and be oxidized by the brain, providing what some would call 'brain food'. The fatty acids that actually make up MCT’s (monolaurin and lauric acid), can help prevent illness, viruses and can even kill harmful bacteria or fungi in the body. But that's not all, check out some of the other awesome health benefits below!

MCT Benefits:

  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Can help stabalize blood sugar
  • Can improve metabolism
  • Can enhance cognitive function
  • Can increase immunity to viruses and other bacterias
  • The body uses MCT’s as fuel
  • Can improve athletic performance
  • Supports a healthy gut
  • Can curb excessive appetite
  • Contains antioxidant properties
  • Can improve the absorption of nutrients
  • Can help improve symptoms of those suffering from Alzheimers disease
  • Helps the heart function properly

Why Yourlixir MCT’S?

  • Premium sourced coconuts
  • Blended to perfection for maximum solubility
  • Naturally sweet and delicious
  • Lab tested to ensure quality
  • Loaded with health benefits
  • A great addition to meals, desserts, smoothies, lattes and more!
  • A healthy part of a keto-friendly diet

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