How to Use Your Matcha Powder: Beauty + Wellness

yourlixir matcha latte
Matcha is mainly thought of as a latte or tea, but there are actually a ton of other great ways to use it.  Whether you're looking to improve your health, or improve the quality of your hair and skin, matcha can be used for both. 
Yourlixir's matcha is meticulously sourced from its origins in Japan for superior quality and taste, and is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, chlorophyll and nourishing vitamins, working wonders on skin, the brain, heart and liver.  
Get creative, experiment and enjoy the multi-functional super powers of our matcha green tea powder!

For Wellness:

For Beauty:

  • Matcha Mask
  • Matcha Hair Treatment
  • Matcha Bath Bomb
  • Matcha Body Scrub



yourlixir matcha sachets


Got any matcha recipes you love?  Comment below with your favorite recipe and you could be featured next!

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